Watches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so here's a quick and simple guide on how to pick the right strap size to ensure you will always have the perfect fit for your watch!


For bracelets and curved end rubber straps that are designed to fit a certain case model perfectly (Seiko SKX007/SRPD, Seiko SKX013 etc), simply refer to our product pages where we list down the compatible watch models. These straps will only fit compatible models and is not suitable for other watches. 

For universal straps such as our Rubber Straps and NATO straps, you'll want to find out the lug width of your watch case, which is the inner opening diameter between the two lugs measured in millimeters (mm).

Most manufacturers will list the lug width of their watches on their websites, but if you can't find this information simply use a ruler or caliper to measure this distance and pick the right size!

For reference, the SKX013 has a 20mm lug width and the SKX007/new Seiko 5 SRPD models have a 22mm lug width.


Fits wrist sizes 6.1 inches to 8.4 inches / 155mm to 215mm

Rubber Straps:
Fits wrist size 5.9 to 8 inches / 150mm to 200mm
Strap Length: 130mm + 80mm (excluding buckle)

NATO Straps:
Fits wrist size 5.5 inches and up
Strap Length: 280mm (excluding buckle)
Strap Thickness: 1.2mm


To measure your wrist size, you can use a cloth tape measure or even a piece of string - simply wrap the string around your wrist where you would normally wear a watch and mark it where the two ends meet. Lay the string flat and measure the distance between the end of the string and where you've made your mark using a ruler.

Note: The wrist size measurements listed above is an approximate range with a tolerance of ±5mm. The wearable size of a strap or bracelet depends on a few other variable factors such as the size, shape and lug-to-lug diameter of the watch case, thickness of the strap and your own tightness preference. If you're still unsure of whether our bracelet or straps will fit your wrist/watch, feel free to contact our support team who will be happy to help you out!